No, there is no charge for setting up a care campaign, or for giving or receiving support. We don't charge any fees or take any percentage of gifts that are given.
Each Like Neighbors care campaign has its own unique link. Only people who have been given the link will be able to view the campaign. (There is no "search" function on our site to protect the privacy of our users.) If you are concerned about privacy, you may want to ask your friends and family not to forward the link without your permission. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.
Personal data (such as the email address of a gift recipient) will only be shared with the supporter(s) who pledge and purchase requested services, as well as our partner service providers who require this information to fulfill the orders. Only Like Neighbors account holders can comment on a campaign page and/or pledge/purchase a requested service. The content, graphics and images you voluntarily post when you create, update or comment on a campaign can be shared by you or others to social networking sites. Personal data you provide when setting up an account or campaign is not searchable or shareable, unless you choose to include it in the content or images/graphics of your care campaign. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.
Log in to your Like Neighbors account and select "My Campaigns" from the dropdown menu. Select your care campaign and click the green Edit button under the photo.
When you're signed in and on your care campaign page, scroll to the bottom of your story. Type your update in the comment box, and click the Comment button. Or you can edit the main story. (See FAQ titled "How do I change the content or photo on my campaign page?" You can also share your update by posting your campaign to social media or sharing it via email. Just use the icons under the photo on your campaign page.)
Every situation is different. Sometimes it's fine to have everything emailed directly to the person in need. (Just be sure to give them a heads up that they'll be receiving emailed Healthy Fresh Meals and/or Roundtrip gifts!) Other times, it's better to have someone else receive the gifts, such as the person setting up the care campaign, another friend or family member, or a caregiver. You can also edit your care campaign at any time to change who is receiving the emails.
The easiest way is to forward them via email. Healthy Fresh Meals gift cards are fully transferable and never expire.
All gifts given through a Like Neighbors care campaign are emailed as gift cards, which is easiest for the gifter and gives the most flexibility to the recipient. If you would like to schedule a meal delivery or ride instead of sending a gift card, you can do so by directly contacting Healthy Fresh Meals (www.healthyfreshmeals.com), Roundtrip (www.roundtriphealth.com) or another service provider of your choice.
Meals typically run $15 for entrees and $10 for breakfasts. Consider how many people will be eating and how much support they need. For example, if you'd like to provide 20 meals for a family of four, $1000 would be a good goal. Ride costs will vary depending upon the type of vehicle needed, whether medical assistance is required, and how many miles will be traveled. You can get estimates by creating a free account at https://www.roundtriphealth.com/patients/. You can adjust your goal amounts any time by clicking the green edit button on the care campaign when you're logged in.
Of course! Log in, select My Campaigns from the drop down menu, and select the care campaign you want to update. Click the green Edit button on the campaign page, change your goal(s) and click Save.
Log in to Like Neighbors and visit your My Pledges page.
Log in to Like Neighbors, visit your My Pledges page, and click the "resend instruction" by the request. If you don't see the email in your inbox, check your spam folder.
You should have received an email with instructions soon after you pledged your gift amount. If you don't see the email, please check your spam folder, and add info@likeneighbors.com to your contacts so you'll get future emails delivered to your inbox. Still don't see it? Log in to Like Neighbors, visit your My Pledges page, and click "resend instruction" by the request you wish to complete.
If you don't see it in your email inbox, please check your spam or junk email folder. (If you find it in there, be sure to add the sender's email address to your contacts list so future gift card emails won't be marked as spam.) If you still can't locate it, or if you don't know how to check your spam/junk email folder, contact us: info@likeneighbors.com or 301.453.6720.
To best protect the privacy and personal data of our users, Like Neighbors supports email gift cards only. This way, we do not need to ask for, store, or give out home addresses.
Unfortunately, we cannot exchange one type of gift for another.
Meal orders must be placed each week before 5am on Friday. All meals are delivered on Sundays, right to the front door of your friend or relative in need. Healthy Fresh Meals will always send an email on Saturday with the scheduled delivery window. If no one will be able to come to the door, a cooler should be left outside. Meals are specially packed and sealed to last in the refrigerator for the week, so ordering in advance makes meal prep easy for days! There are no minimum orders, but there is a $10 delivery fee. (To avoid the delivery fee, meals can be picked up instead at several area gyms listed here: https://www.healthyfreshmeals.com/pages/delivery-pick-up) Tips are not standard or expected. For more important delivery details, visit: https://www.healthyfreshmeals.com/pages/how-it-works
Unlike many meal delivery services, Healthy Fresh Meals has its own culinary team that prepares every meal fresh. The meal will come fully prepared but chilled, so it just needs to be heated up.
Healthy Fresh Meals delivers to the DC Metro Area (DC, Maryland and Virginia.) Delivery goes as far north as Frederick and Annapolis, MD, and as far south as Leesburg and Dumfries, VA. Not sure if the address falls within the service area? Email the full address to info@likeneighbors.com and we'll let you know asap!
You can reach Healthy Fresh Meals directly at (202) 930-3663 or support@galleyfoods.com. You can also view their help center here: https://www.healthyfreshmeals.com/pages/contact-us
Many people helped by Like Neighbors care campaigns are unable to drive. It's hard for them to get to medical appointments or simply to the store to get groceries. We love that Roundtrip riders can book transportation via Lyft, medical sedans, wheelchair vans or non-emergency ambulances on-demand online. This is also a tremendous help to local friends or family who typically would be providing these rides.
First, create a Roundtrip account at https://ride.rideroundtrip.com/#/signup or on the Roundtrip Health Transport mobile app. Next, input your trip details. When you get to the payment page, apply the promo code emailed to you by Roundtrip when gifts were given. (You may still be required to add a credit card in case the final trip cost exceeds the promo code total applied.)
Roundtrip offers all levels of transportation. If no special assistance is needed, you can book a regular Lyft sedan. If help is needed, you can book a medical sedan with a credentialed driver who can provide assistance. Wheelchair vans (ADA accredited vehicles and drivers) can accommodate most wheelchair types. Or, a non-emergency ambulance is likely the best option for someone bed-bound or traveling with special equipment.
Yes. You can email hello@roundtriphealth.com for more information.

Do you have a question that isn't included in the FAQs? Please contact us!