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It Starts with a Care Campaign

Meals and rides are the most needed types of help during challenging times. Create a care campaign to let friends and family nationwide give gift cards good for either or both!

Gift cards are emailed to the point person you choose. They can then be used whenever needed, providing the most flexibility when life is less than predictable.

...and it's always fee-free

We don't believe it's right to charge people to give or receive help, so we don't add any fees or take percentages from gifts that are given. Ever.

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Our Partners Cook & Drive

Online gifts sent through care campaigns can be used for Galley meal deliveries and RoundTrip transportation.

Visit Galley

Galley's menu includes family and kids’ meals, options for special diets, desserts and more. Delivered fully-prepared but chilled, the food is seriously delicious yet affordable and the tip is included, so each gift card goes a long way.

Visit RoundTrip

RoundTrip provides on-demand rides, from a regular Lyft sedan through all levels of medical transport. Good-bye missed appointments, public transportation, or depending on friends for rides. Hello independence, safety and reliability.

Why Like Neighbors

No Fees

Like Neighbors never charges fees or takes any percentage of the gifts that are given.

Support Made Simple

Easily send gifts online and provide the ultimate in flexibility for the recipient.

Miles Don't Matter

Lend a helping hand with dinner or a ride to an appointment, even from hundreds of miles away.

Ongoing Assistance

Whether it’s days, weeks or months, we're here for you as long as assistance is needed.

Our Inspiration

When Like Neighbors founder Judy O'Connor coordinated a restaurant meal delivery for an out-of-state friend whose child was battling cancer, a lot of questions needed to be answered. What did the family want to eat? What time? Would they be home or at the hospital? What restaurants delivered to their area? Judy created Like Neighbors to make it easy for friends and family to give meaningful help to loved ones near or far... without all the questions!

Like Neighbors now serves those in need across the mid-Atlantic states. We'll continue to add locations and services until anyone, anywhere can give and receive what's needed most, regardless of distance.

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